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They messed up big time
i don't even want to review the actual game since It's all what was expected, awesome. Delivery too.

Not the installation though.The retail disc only has 3 GB of data and rest needs to be downloaded from Steam (around 30-40 GB). I couldn't even get the disc 3GB to install. It won't install more than 300-400 MB. I had to download everything from scratch on Steam. They don't understand most people don't have blazing fast internet and enough bandwidth to download the entire game. Steaming Install feature is a good thing but at least provide the entire data in retail discs. That's what retail discs are for.
Review by Jaspreet / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
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Best Mortal Kombat ever!!!
Don't listen to all the people crying over the game that it's bad or full or bugs with bad netcode, this game works like a charm on my pc. The new steam feature lets you download the game and while you download it you can play some parts of the game. I was downloading the 1st part of the game and I was able to play Scorpio vs Sub-Zero with one Arena downloaded. Now I've downloaded the full game and trust me this is a great game, one of the best of 2015

Yeah, you've to download 30GB of stuff through steam in order to play this game fully, but you can play while downloading and that's just great.

Thumbs up for this game.
Review by S Sammer / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
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Best MK Ever
This is probably the best in MK series. Everything from graphics, animation and sound is truly next-gen. Spectacular !
Got this game on the next day (15 April) of release which I don't really mind. Box contains 1 DVD, 2 Activation code (including Goro DLC).
I read of lot of reviews about the problems PC gamers are facing with Steam. I guess those problems were corrected by steam by the time I started installing this game. Game did not crash for me, not even once. I didn't notice any frame drops. Gameplay was smooth. I did notice a slight frame drop in one of the arena. After the installation (very little), download for rest of the game started without any problem.

I'm sure people with slow internet access or limit bandwidth cap will be highly disappointed. DVD offers a minimal install (around 10%) of the game. Rest 90% must be downloaded which is nearly 30 GB in 29 parts. With the successful download of each part, new feature in the game gets activated. After fresh install, I was able to play with only three characters (Kitana, Scorpion and Ermac) but after 2 hours of download(@16Mbps), I was able to select all characters.
My Verdict
(+) : Everything from next-gen graphics to the new game play system is likable.
(+) : Game loading speed is faster that the previous MK. I'm not sure if this is because of my system spec.
(-) : This is the only thing that I disliked the most. I'm sure what most of us will dislike is the new stream download system of steam. A big dislike. They could have provided 3-4 DVDs instead of downloading the game from the internet. Most of the PC Gamers don't have such high speed or a huge data cap to download the contents. However, Steam offers digital version of this game for $59.99 which is like Rs. 3700 for us. I'm not sure if purchasing boxed version of this game makes me happy or not. May be yes.
I would highly recommend this game to every MK fan. I hope to see another box version of this game with 3-4 DVDs. Until then, I would not recommend anyone with slow internet to buy this game or think about investing on a really expensive high speed internet package.
Review by Amal Sab / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
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