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The Last of Us playstaion 3

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One of the best games ever! Go for it !
You feel the rush and emotions through out this game. The screenplay and the story is just brilliant.Coming to the game play , it has a great variety of weapons that makes the game even more interesting.
Review by Teja Pabolu / (Posted on 7/17/2015)
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Brilliant.. Emotional.. Rollear Coaster.. Stimulating..
The game lived up to my expectations and went beyond it. A few hours within the game; I was totally immersed in its lush environment, deep character conversations and intelligent character development. The ending was totally different, gave me a great sense of philosophical fulfillment – had me thinking for hours and days after I had completed the game. This title is the last of a few gems that you would get to relish on ps3. Possess it; for all that it has to offer emotionally and technically.
Review by Bathinda Mallroad / (Posted on 7/17/2015)
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If there's one last game you play before you die, this is it
Simply A Masterpiece

Naughty dog have proved that they are the best studio in the gaming industry,by yet again delivering a game that exceeds beyond all the expectations!This game sets the bar for every other AAA title very high.

The gameplay is a mixture of many genres, you can play it as a stealth game without any shooting, or just play like a third person shooter.Along with that sometimes it plays out like a perfect survival horror game and is really scary!And on the higher difficulties one needs to have some very good strategy to get through some situations,it allows the player to make numerous different strategies which one can come up with,so there's a great variety by which one can play the same level.And there are some levels which really tests your nerves and quick thinking.The AI of the enemy and your partner is excellent,unlike any other game out now.

Well I did not find that the story was jaw-dropping,there are games with better stories but still its story makes a very deep connection with the players , you would feel a special bond even with the supporting characters.And yes the story evokes emotion very nicely.
The characters are very well written and no one feels forced into the story.Though major part of the story is quite dark and emotional,the lighter parts are handled perfectly and also made me laugh.

Undoubtedly its the best looking game because most of the time it feels like a next -gen title! Its a treat for the eyes,the environments are extremely beautiful and are very highly detailed,nothing in the environment would feel like they have been put there just for filling up the space,it always feels lively because of the extremely high details,one can just go about hours just looking at all the details.

The game has some great music to go along with the story, it will pull you into its world.The voice acting is top notch,Troy Baker is at his best and you will never feel that Ellie's voiced by an adult(Ashley Johnson).The sound effects are also nicely done that,sometimes they can scare the hell out of you!

I did not find any negatives with the game apart from one glitch(though some may find a few more), where a "clicker" was stuck in a wall.I'm pretty sure it can be fixed with a patch and it does not take anything away from the game.

This is the game for which one should buy a Playstation 3, so if you already have one then definitely buy this game . And one important thing is that do not rush through the game for the sake of the story, take your time and explore each part of the environment to completely experience this game.

On a side note:People who have complaints against their orders' delivery kindly do not give your experience's rating to the game as it may affect the perception of some people about the game.
Review by Atanu Dutta / (Posted on 7/17/2015)
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Simply A Masterpiece
I normally play racing games, FIFA and the like, positive initial impressions of this game made me order it and I'm glad I did. This is beyond anything out there. The game actually pulls you into the experience with it's emotionally deep storyline. I've replayed it thrice already and I can't wait to play it once more.
My review probably won't help you form an opinion on the game, you'll have to play it to believe it. Stop reading reviews and buy it already!
Review by Solaman / (Posted on 7/17/2015)
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