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Grid2 PLAYSTATION 3 (Games)

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Good game, great graphics
Game is very good no doubt, but if you hit any side wall you can not control your vehicle which is disappointing. Extraordinary driving skills are needed to play the game.The plus point is that you will not feel racing confined within a stadium. Lots of customization options are available where you can select cars, tracks, day, night, etc. Graphics are stunningly brilliant. I admit I have never played any racing game with such great graphics. Especially the greenery (forests, trees and meadows) looks amazingly delightful. Racing experience is butter smooth if you use a good graphics card. My MSI 6850 cyclone OC is running this game at 75 fps with 1920X1080 on LG E2290V screen, all high settings. Grab this without a second thought
Review by Deepesh Agarwal / (Posted on 7/20/2015)
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Best in Class
Grid 2 is one of the best racing game i've ever played...
super awesome like its predecessor, grid, it offers a wide variety of races with stunning graphics.
The handling mechanics feels quite real and is simply the best in class...
if you really want a good n SERIOUS racing game, order it today...
if you want a repetitively poor and kiddo type racing game with cop chasing $hit , you may go for any of NFS games..
Review by Navodit Kumar / (Posted on 7/20/2015)
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Great Racing In Decades (GRID) - 2
I'm a big fan of the original GRID from 2010 (or was it 2009), and was expecting big things from GRID 2. However, I was very disappointed. The biggest miss is the cockpit cam, which was the heart and soul of the original GRID. It feels far too arcadey, and too much like DIRT, for my liking. There's none of the exhilaration and realism of the original. Meh, is the word I'm looking for.
Review by Mudasar Nazar / (Posted on 7/20/2015)
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Racedriver Grid beats its successor Grid 2 hands down
GRID 2 is an amazing racing experience well thought and even well negatives in this racing game just that they should have added a cockpit view like other racing games like Forza Motorsport Series but there are a lot of positives like truly you can hear & feel the GRRRR.......... of the engines also the sound of the tyres on various surfaces is very gripping throughout the game and many more aspects of the game such as damage reality, use of flashbacks, wide variety of excellent cars are simply superb. So, experience an adrenaline filled competitive spirit while you race for glory.
Kudos to Code masters RACING!!!
Review by Mehul Nayak / (Posted on 7/20/2015)
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