Wonderworld is the subsidiary of Computer Arabia W.L.L. It was established in the year 1985 under the name of ( Sakhr صخر ) as a branch for kids computers, Arabic software & MSX games. Since its inception the company achieved success on educational & gaming products.

In the year 1992, we gained prominence by selling more gaming products viz, Sega, Family Computer, Nintendo PlayStation, Xbox & the main products ( Sakhr صخر ). This paved the way for  changing the  name to Wonderworld and over the years Wonderworld has become a popular destination for avid video gaming enthusiasts in Qatar.

We are currently located at Markhiya (location map). We provide a wide range of video gaming machines & accessories for Sony PS3, Sony PS4, Sony PSP, Sony PSP Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo NDS, Nintendo NDS XL, iTunes cards (all kinds), Playstation PSN cards, and XBOX cards.

To know more about our products you can reach us here.